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Arts, Culture & Crime Prevention in Mexico

PorRafael Salas

Feb 13, 2016

Cambridge, MA. February 13th, 2016. Some Mexican communities are being affected by poverty, violence and crime (i.e., drug trafficking and human trafficking). In 2013 the Ministry of Culture of the Mexican government launched the program “Mexico: Culture for Harmony” to promote arts and culture as tools to prevent crime. Nine young women, members of the community of San Pablo del Monte, joined the project in February 2014 and, today, bring to Harvard 30 pictures reflecting on the reality of their community.

February 14- 27, 2016 WCC Hallways, Levels 1 and 2

Photography Exhibit of the Community Collective of San Pablo del Monte


February 25, 2016 13:00- 15:10 Milstein West B, WCC

13:00- 14:00 OPENING EVENT

Alejandra Frausto (Director of Popular Culture, Mexican Ministry of Culture) and the representatives of the hosting organizations will welcome the Collective. The Collective will explain the experience of participating in the program “Mexico: Culture for Harmony”. Translated to English.


Professors Doris Sommer (Harvard University) and Ana María Reyes (Boston University), joined by Consul Gabriela Gomez Garcia (Boston), will explore the relationship between arts and culture, on the one hand, and law and social change, on the other hand. In English.

Moderator: Susan Farbstein (Internal H.R. Clinic).

15:10- 16:10 PEDRO FERIZ DE CON

Pedro Ferriz (activist; TV anchor) will talk about the role of youth in pursuing social transformation. In English.


Open event. We are grateful with the Harvard University’s Mexican Students Association; HLS Mexican Law Student Association; HLS La Alianza; HLS Human Rights Journal; HKS Mexican Caucus; and the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies.


Photographers from Tlaxcala

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Rafael Salas

Director General de Dividendee. Experto en Sustentabilidad, Finanzas y Blockchain. Considerado Promesa de México por la Revista CNN Expansión y Agente de Cambio de Ashoka. Integrante del Club Líderes del Futuro de la Revista Líderes Mexicanos quien también lo nombró uno de los 300 más influyentes de México.